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525 Meadowlands Parkway Secaucus NJ 07094
Phone: 201-348-3213
Chris Conte / Shelter Manager 
Little Tiger is doing great. She likes to stay in her room, but I have been introducing some of my mellower cats to her without a problem. Her new name is KaTwo. Thanks again for everything. 
Happy Tails 
Shepherds Lake 5/6/2012 Codey and Lilly Codey has been an amazing addition to our family.He is great with our two kids 2yrs and 4yrs old.Codey is loving,protective,loyal, and very playful. We all love him very much and thank you again, for the chance of giving him his forever home!

The family who adopted this puppy
left to right....Alvin Modesto then Omar, Samuel, 
Council Woman Susan Pirro, Rosemary
This is an adopted Border Collie that had a great time meeting the Easter Bunny!
My name is Daisy and I may be seventeen years old, or as young as fourteen -- 
you know a lady never reveals her age! (ok, I might if i knew for sure) I was 
very sad when my wonderful person died, and then I ended up at the shelter which 
made me very depressed. Thank goodness for the care I got from people there, 
especially a very loving volunteer named Connie who made it her mission that I 
would not spend my golden years alone. She introduced me to a family that has 
older people who are just my speed and younger people who fuss over me and 
everyone here adores me. I may be deaf and not have the best eyesight, but I 
feel like I should be a character in the movie Cocoon, because with love and 
care, I don't feel elderly at all, I just feel spunky!
Recently we heard about a dog at the shelter who wasn't doing well at all. she 
was scared and lonely. She came to our house as a foster, and we went on walks 
together and I let her eat some of my treats. While I still think I deserve all 
the attention in the world, I am willing to share, so I am letting her stay. 
Besides, we have a lot in common: we like to eat and we like to sleep on soft 

My name is Tulip and I came to the Secaucus Animal Shelter from a shelter in 
Virginia where I ended up when something happened to my human. There are so 
many over-crowded shelters south of here and it is a true act of compassion that 
the Secaucus Animal Shelter gave me a second chance. I had a rough time in the 
shelter with the unfamiliar sounds and so many new dogs. But I brought all my 
cuteness and personality with me as a foster dog and pretty soon this new place 
with Daisy and her pack of humans seemed like home. So thank you Dr. Danforth 
and thank you Connie for your match-making abilities! I agree with Daisy, with 
food, and a soft place to sleep and hugs and love, what more could a dog want?

So from Daisy and Tulip, please come to the Secaucus Animal Shelter and adopt a 
friend for life!! 

Here's Callie snuggling up to Jasmine. He's really taken a liking to her.  Jasmine is doing great in her new home and is getting along well with the rest of our dogs :D. 
She is truly a jem, and we are thankful that you were able 
to help us adopt the perfect cat - most suitable for our home.

 Toni DeGennaro

Misty is very happy with her new family! 

Her mom, dad and brother adore her 

 Misty is looking forward to spending time with her "dad"during their 
daily jogs in the park! 

Here are a few photos of Freya! She is doing really well! She is walking on her 
leash and running around everywhere, as well as being fully potty trained 
already. We take her down to Liberty State park and she loves it. I think this 
weekend we are going up to a winery to hang out and she's going to come to hang 
outside with us! She is really great, and has come such a long way, especially 
this last week and a half. Hope all is well at the shelter!

Baxter and Riley are inseparable.One starts to wimper and cry if the other goes out somewhere for a while. They chase each other around in the backyard and keep the squirrels away.They sleep on each others beds and play with the squeak toys together. Baxter definitely has more energy than Riley though and loves it when you chase him around. He will crouch down and bark at me trying to get me to Chase him.Ill take one step towards him and he sprints off faster than a horse in race
Husky mix puppy Marcie in her new home with her "brother" Buddy
Baron Von Kitty...........Baron was adopted by a family in town Julie and her son Joseph. They were all excited to get him so they went out and bought him a lot of fun toys but Baron's favorite thing to play with 
 is his PENCIL.

Lucky was adopted last week at the shelter.

Her new name is Nalla.

Pictured left is Liigi

Pictured right is Marcus
Kitten Lola with her new family 

Lola is Pictured with 2 1/2 year old Maleah
Rusty was a kitten that we found during Hurricane Sandy.............

and now Rusty has found his forever home with Leo
Here is our precious new family member! We love her and she loves being here with us taking turns cuddling up with each of us. 

Kathie, Britt & Jay

Lady Lynx with her brother Stinky..............

we are so happy everyone is in love now......
We were so thrilled to be able to give "the boys", Gucci & Versace, a loving and caring home! What a joy it is to have them as part of our family! 

And it wouldn't have been possible without you Chris!! THANK YOU!!

- Donna & Sal

from a cage to a couch,    "Gucci"
in his new home
BABY LUNA and ROMEO first picture in their new home
Altagracia San Martino with Toby
Here is a picture of Mishu & Oreo

who were found in Walmart parking lot.................

now adopted in their new home
And you thought I couldnt find a new owner................BARK BARK

Casey in her new home for Happy Tails
Just want to give you an update on my new home. I have a new name it's Bitzy, I really like it! I also have a new sister (she a dog) and her name is Tippie (She was adopted also). She told me this is a good home and that I was safe and will get lots of love. I have lots of place to explore which is alot's of fun!! I also have a lot of high places to sleep.  

Thank you for placeing with my new Mommy and Daddy and big sister.

Love Always,
Bitzy (formerly know as BeBe}
This is Sadie….
They say, “We didn’t rescue her, she rescued us”. That couldn’t be more true.
My wife and I had two dogs who sadly passed away in late Feb and early March of 2014. That Spring/Summer would never be the same. We were heart broken, empty and depressed. The holiday season was upon us and I decided it was time for another companion.
In November, we walked into the Secaucus Animal Shelter only to fill out an application when we were told they have one puppy left. That’s when we met Sadie and it was love at first sight. She was 4-1/2 months when we opened our home to her and we are finally whole again.